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Iner Travel is a travel agency in Mexico with many years of experience, reliable partners and the desire to show their customers the authentic sides of Mexico and other countries.

We operate tours, roundtrips, activities, accommodation and transfers according to your wishes.  

With us you can also enjoy the less visited archaeological sites. The Mayan Culture has an understanding of the energies of various days.  
With the help of local Mayans you can gain an understanding which will assist you in receiving these energies during a meditation.  
You will find yourself at sacred sites of different traditions and be exposed to traditional forms of healing. Meeting Mayas and sharing in their traditions will allow you to get to know the local population in a respectful more intimate way.   

Iner Travel is not only committed to offer a unique travel experience but would also accompany the guests through their own personal journey and welfare. The Indigenous people of Mexico with their ancient cultures practice a variety of purification rituals and spiritual practices, some of which they are happy to share with visitors.    

With Iner Travel your next vacation be the start of what is regarded as the most important journey of your life, from your head down to your heart.  

We will customize your experience based on your priorities.  Just let us know what is important to you on a trip through Mexico and we will work with you to ensure a personalized memorable trip. 

Wholeness ...Wellness... Peace...